Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to trespassing, vandalism, and theft. It is important to have an experienced security company on the premises to protect your equipment, materials, and facilities. Any delay in construction means deadlines are not met, purchasing of new materials/equipment, repair costs being incurred, and delays for all other trades. Whether you’re the general contractor, specialized trade, or developer, security is a requirement for all construction projects.

We at SVS are able to take care of all your construction site security needs. We promise an engaged and active security presence while on duty. Our security officers are extremely visible while patrolling your project on foot, bicycle, golf cart and/or vehicle. With onsite security check point system and frequent supervisor oversight, your project will receive quality security that will protect your entire job site.

Alarm Response

Whether it’s for a commercial property or a private residence simply maintaining a security alarm system still leaves your property exposed. Criminals are cognizant to the standard response times associated with the national companies. Our security officers maintain a much smaller patrol territory thus providing a quicker alarm response time. This level of protection makes it possible for a business or home owner to maximize their existing security equipment while minimizing their security expenses.

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