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Retail Store / Commercial Security

Operating a retail store is more than merchandise, sales, human resources, and cash management. Shoplifting, robbery, and employee theft cause a significant loss of profit to your retail store operations. Hiring an independent security team delivers the greatest cost-effective way to safeguard your investment.

Our team of security experts are able to take care of your retail store security needs. We promise an engaged and active security presence. Our security officers are trained to be observant for all potential security risks while being welcoming to your customers.

We are currently providing Retail Store security services in Henderson, Summerlin, Central and Southwest areas of Las Vegas.

Commercial Complex / Parking Lot /Business Park

Commercial Properties are exposed to a multitude of security concerns which include loitering, parking violations, vandalism, vehicle break-ins, trespassing, and common area safety. Las Vegas has seen a staggering increase of vagrants and panhandlers in recent years. Because of this, we have designed a targeted and unique approach to remove them off property while not causing a disturbance or potential retaliatory property damage.

VIP Security Services is positioned to handle all your commercial property security needs. We promise an engaged and active security presence. Our security officers are extremely visible while patrolling your complex on foot, bicycle, golf cart and/or vehicle. With onsite security check point system and frequent supervisor oversight, your property will receive superior security services that will shield you from potential liability exposures.

Our technology allows you, in real time, the ability to see what is occurring onsite, send immediate requests, review all guard activity, and actively communicate with our team. We also understand and facilitate the third-party documentation you need when dealing with problematic homeowners.

We are currently providing Commercial Property/Parking Lot/Business Park security services in Henderson, Southern Highlands, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Centennial, APEX, Downtown, Central, and Southwest areas of Las Vegas.

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